Shuttle Technology

Safe placing of inserts directly in the mould.

Kurtz K813 HP5 S
Kurtz K813 HP5 S
Kurtz K14.512 SF
K1014S HP5

In the production of sun visors or bicycle helmets, for example, so-called inserts are to be placed manually in the mould. In order to make this process easy, fast and safe for the operating personnel the Shuttle Technology was developed.


The inserts can either be covered with foam on one side only (bicycle helmets) or covered completely to achieve a form-fitting connection. Head rests or collision-protective side cushions in the automotive industry open more fields of application for EPP.


  • Easy, fast and safe placing of inserts in the mould
  • Instable inserts can be exactly positioned by manual input
  • Placing of parts directly in the mould outside of the danger zone
  • Inserting of parts from an ergonomically optimised height for the user


  • Kurtz i-PRO Technology
  • Kurtz Energy Quantity Monitor (EQM)
  • Quick mould change system
  • Working platform for mould change
  • Electric mould change hoist
  • Expandable pressure filling unit
  • Mould temperature and foam pressure measuring
  • Data memory
  • Single vaccuum
  • Handling system
  • Can be fully automated by means of a robot if required