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Finally again: Real Ersa Event!

Three-day Technology Forum with In-House Exhibition in Wertheim am Main

Wertheim, 21.06.2021 | Ersa GmbH welcomed around 200 participants to its second exclusive technology forum with in-house exhibition from June 15 to 17. As with the first edition last year, the event had set itself the goal of comprehensively covering current trends in all process areas of electronics manufacturing - from stencil printing to reflow, selective and wave to automated rework, Industry 4.0, automation and metallic 3D printing. In the introduction, Ersa General Sales Manager Rainer Krauss and Tools, Rework & Inspection Business Unit Manager Hansjürgen Bolg referred to the strategic approach "GLOBAL. AHEAD. SUSTAINABLE." strategic approach, with which Ersa and all companies of the Kurtz Ersa Group implement holistic solutions including service sustainably and efficiently on a global level - be it via their own subsidiaries or via corresponding partner companies.