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Kurtz Ersa Group

Kurtz Ersa presents Sustainability Report 2021

Kreuzwertheim, 30.06.2022

Kurtz Ersa wants to have completed its transformation to a CO2-neutral company by 2029. The company has now documented its progress towards this goal for the first time in a separate sustainability report. The compilation of all relevant data and information with reference to the fiscal year 2021 provides information about ecological, economic and social aspects at Kurtz Ersa and demonstrates the sustainable transformation at the traditional mechanical engineering company in many ways.


The report follows the globally recognized standard of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the most widely used framework for sustainability reporting. It comprehensively defines the principles of reporting and specifies minimum requirements in terms of content and quality. In this way, comparability of the information is ensured as well as a transparent presentation of economic, ecological and social performance, including the corresponding impacts. In the future, Kurtz Ersa will present a current sustainability report once a year.

The report focuses on special aspects of the sustainability initiative at Kurtz Ersa. In addition to the required general information, six chapters explain the topics and the progress in the fields of "Sustainable Development", "Sustainable Procurement", "Sustainable Production", "Sustainable Sales", "Sustainable Business" and "Sustainable Living". For example, readers learn about the development of a rework process at Kurtz Ersa, with which defective parts can be safely removed from a circuit board and replaced with new ones. With this special soldering process, the company is helping to avoid electronic waste, the fastest growing type of waste worldwide. Another key example is the resource-saving production of molded parts using a new process that does not require the use of water. The material compound is made by electromagnetic waves (radio frequency (RF) technology). Compared with the manufacturing process using steam, energy consumption is reduced by up to 90 percent.

Kurtz Ersa started a broad-based sustainability initiative in 2020. Under the label "GoGreen250", processes were initiated in all company divisions in order to act more sustainably. Anna Hieble, Sustainability Officer at Kurtz Ersa emphasizes: "Since “GoGreen250”, numerous working groups have been reviewing internal processes and developing alternative solutions for the production and the supply chain. The current status of implementation has now been incorporated into the first sustainability report. At that time, the focus was still on the sites in Germany; in the future, all international subsidiaries will be included in the reporting."


For now, the sustainability report is available in German language.

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