Jürgen Schmidt (left) on the day of his departure after 36 years in the Kurtz Ersa Group - here with CFO Thomas Mühleck
Kurtz Ersa Group

"Trainer of hearts" retires

Kurtz Ersa training manager Jürgen Schmidt bids farewell after 36 years

Kreuzwertheim, 25.05.2022 | After 36 years in the service of the Kurtz Ersa Group, Jürgen Schmidt officially retired today. As a 28-year-old with a master craftsman´s certificate in his pocket, the Bestenheider started his service as a machine fitter at Ersa on November 01, 1985.

Two years later, he took over the technical training there, but continued to work in assembly and was also a safety officer. In 1993, Jürgen Schmidt trained further as a trainer and moved from production to work preparation at Ersa Soldering Machines. Finally, in April 2000, Jürgen Schmidt moved to Kurtz GmbH in Kreuzwertheim as the person responsible for training, eventually becoming the training manager for all trainees in the Kurtz Ersa Group. Jürgen Schmidt successfully trained around 500 trainees in this function – many received awards for their graduation, many still work in the Kurtz Ersa Group and have long since become seasoned professionals who form the backbone of the company´s success.

His great expertise was also in demand outside Kurtz Ersa as an examiner and, at times, even as an examination leader for industrial mechanics in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. So it is not surprising that even in his retirement he is still active for another three years as an examiner at the Retraining and Further Training Center (UFZ) in Niederstetten. Jürgen Schmidt, trainer of hearts, family man, convertible driver, grill-and-coffee aficionado and gardening enthusiast, was always and often there around the clock for his trainees, always had a snappy saying at hand and is now going into well-deserved retirement. Dear Jürgen, thank you for everything and all the best!