Ersa Solder Fume Extraction

Solder Fume Extraction System EASY ARM 1

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Solder fume extraction system EASY ARM 1

Efficient, compact solder fume extraction for individual workstations

Article-No.: 0CA10-001

The Ersa EASY ARM solder fume extraction units impress with their high extraction performance and whisper-quiet operation. The basis of the Ersa solder fume extraction system type EASY ARM 1 is many years of experience in cleaning process air. The EASY ARM 1 solder fume extraction systems are characterized by high extraction performance (100 m³/h per extraction arm), efficient filter performance and, at the same time, very quiet operation. The process air is cleaned in three stages: A pre-filter retains dusts and larger particles. The combi-filter separates micro-particles, such as those produced during soldering, and the activated carbon filter binds harmful gases.

Specifications Ersa Solder Fume Extraction EASY ARM 1

Solder fume extraction - quiet and efficient as never before

Ersa EASY ARM: Solder fume extraction during residual solder removal on a BGA
Ersa EASY ARM: Solder fume extraction during residual solder removal on a BGA
  • Continuously settable extraction power
  • Effective 3-stage filter system - 99,95% filter degree
  • 100 m³/h air flow per extraction arm
  • Optical and acoustical reminder signal for filter exchange
  • High performance filter materials, filters fit to both systems of the EASY ARM series
  • Interface to connect to an i-CON soldering station or a standby-switch
  • Flexible system of extraction arms and nozzles allows individual setup for each workplace
  • Small footprint

Ersa solder fume extraction for healthy breathing air!

The Ersa EASY ARM 1 & 2 solder fume extractors ensure healthy breathing air during soldering with high extraction power and efficient filter performance - and more quietly and efficiently than ever before.

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