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HOTFLOW 4: Reflow Soldering System with best performance

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HOTFLOW 4: Reflow soldering system with best performance

The Ersa Reflow Soldering Machine HOTFLOW 4/26 is a high-end reflow soldering system with 7.1 m process length, divided into 26 heating zones and 4 cooling zones. Like all systems of the HOTFLOW 4 series, it stands for highest energy efficiency and increased throughput with the usual high soldering quality and process stability. For example, the intelligent nitrogen control reduces consumption by 20%. In addition, the efficient fan motors ensure an overall energy saving of more than 25%.

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Technology Highlights Reflow Soldering System HOTFLOW 4

  • Individually controllable process zones via energy-optimized motors
  • Multi-level controlled cooling
  • Multi-level process gas cleaning with pyrolysis
  • Rest-oxygen monitoring and control, low N2 consumption
  • Ersa Process Control software (EPC)
  • Software to generate temperature profiles
  • Multi-track conveyor systems (1-4), 1x fixed, 3x variable
  • Thermally invisible center supports
  • Low energy consumption in continuous operation

Ersa Reflow Soldering with the HOTFLOW 4/20

Reflow soldering machine with outstanding thermal performance, best energy and nitrogen balance: The Ersa HOTFLOW 4 series sets new records - with 25% overall energy savings and 20% reduced nitrogen consumption.


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