Dedicated Commitment for Society

"Corporate Citizenship" is the "collected civic commitment" of a company for society. A task we take very seriously.

The Corporate Citizenship of a company can be summed up as a "collective civic commitment" for society. Especially in Germany, this orientation towards a social and common welfare has been a tradition since the early 19th century.


We from Kurtz Ersa take care of this responsible task since decades.

And we will continue to do so in the future!

Lived Values

However this attitude has to be found in the own inner structures as well, e.g. by means of a corporate hierarchy of values, and has to be ideally rooted in the corporate philosophy. After a more than 235-year old history, Kurtz Ersa can proudly look back to this integrated and long-term oriented community. At the same time, this constitutes a starting point for a social and cultural commitment in the local region.

This also involves Kurtz Ersa securing and creating jobs, as well as providing apprenticeships in order to give young people a perspective for their future. Not only do customers or suppliers appreciate the corporate culture and the expected honest and open dealings of all employees amongst one another.


But the Kurtz Ersa Corporation itself also engages in the sponsorship of local sports clubs, social projects and cultural events. In this way, particularly the own employees are supported in their voluntary activities, their solidarity with the local region is respected and their quality of life increases simultaneously. The focus is not only on the creation and preservation of a regional identity, for instance a piece of home. By means of cultural promotion as forward-looking benchmarks, the creativity and innovation of all employees is also meant to be encouraged.

Social Responsibility

The Kurtz Ersa Corporation is taking its social responsibility very seriously. Society, however, is subject to permanent changes. Therefore, the alignment and quality of responsibility must also be permanently examined within the Kurtz Ersa Corporation. This is the only way in which we will successfully be able to enter into partner-like cooperations of an ecological, cultural and social nature also in the future. This concept has proven itself for more than two centuries and will go on.