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Our philosophy in dealing with financing partners: "The same principles apply to our dealings with financing partners as to our dealings with suppliers and customers. We maintain an open relationship based on partnership and designed for long-term cooperation. Our financial communication is goal-oriented, open, factual, timely and sustainable." We also expect all this from our partners.


We have derived the following goals for our financing partners from our vision and from the company´s guiding principles:

  • long-term securing of the liquidity supply of the Kurtz Ersa Group
  • continuous improvement of joint financing processes and products
  • securing competitive financing conditions
  • trust in each other´s performancen

Our financial communication is intended to provide our financing partners with a sustainable image of our business at eye level. Internally, we use our financial communications to provide ongoing information to our employees, managers, directors, advisory board members and shareholders. Internally and externally, we use a uniform reporting system, which serves as a control instrument for the entire Kurtz Ersa Group.

Financial communication as well as financial management is carried out and controlled in the central departments Finance and Controlling for all worldwide companies of the Kurtz Ersa Group. The consolidation of all business figures for internal and external reporting is carried out in the two central divisions. We prepare our consolidated financial statements in accordance with the applicable accounting regulations of the German Commercial Code (HGB). For the income statement, we use the nature of expense method. The individual financial statements are prepared and audited in accordance with the relevant national regulations. All business figures are based on our global ERP system SAP R/3.


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Tools, Planning, Collaboration


We use the following instruments for the short- to medium-term external financing of our business activities:

  • Bank loan
  • Club deal / syndicated
  • Mezzanine financing instruments
  • Leasing
  • Supplier credit through appropriate payment terms with full cash discounting
  • Just-in-time supplier stock
  • Customer credit in the form of down payments / LC
  • Guarantees
  • Factoring / Forfaiting
  • Trade credit insurance