Kurtz Ersa


Our philosophy in dealing with suppliers: "The same principles apply to dealing with suppliers as to dealing with customers. In particular, we maintain an open and cooperative relationship that is designed for long-term cooperation. We conduct price negotiations in a targeted and consistent manner, but always openly, objectively and fairly. All areas of the Kurtz Ersa Group work together cross-functionally to leverage savings potential. We also expect all this accordingly from our suppliers."


From our vision, we have derived the following goals for the purchasing area:

  • Ensuring the delivery service of the Kurtz Ersa Group
  • Continuous improvement of common processes and products
  • Ensuring competitive purchasing prices by implementing improvements to reduce costs for suppliers
  • Integration of suppliers into the value chain

Supplier portal

We have implemented a supplier portal for our suppliers and applicants. If you are interested, use this link.
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If you become aware of any breaches of the law or rules,
please feel free to contact us at the following email address: compliance(at)kurtzersa.de