Pinpoint automatic piston soldering with highest precision!

Item no.: 0SR500

The proven Ersa technology enables the production of high-quality solder joints with consistently high quality and reproducibility. The Ersa SOLDER SMART works with the powerful i-TOOL soldering iron, which has been proven thousands of times in the industry. Its heating power of 150 W enables rapid soldering processes at a stable soldering temperature and the use of very fine soldering tips from 0.4 mm to wide tips up to 5 mm and more!

Your benefits

  • Highest precision and excellent reliability due to the proven Ersa i-CON technology and the precise solder wire feeding system
  • Increased productivity due to the double drawer system, which enables continuous production
  • Enables significant cost savings compared to hand soldering
  • Simple & intuitive programming
  • Complete traceability of the soldering process
  • Customized robot soldering services: analysis & test soldering, training; creation of customized workpiece carriers; service & maintenance; online support


The Ersa SOLDER SMART soldering robot has a high-precision and low-maintenance axis system which, combined with the integrated i-TOOL industrial soldering iron, solder electronic assemblies precisely and reproducibly.


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