News from Kurtz Ersa

Water – our most important resource. Save up to 100% water with the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER
01. December 2020

Water – our most important resource

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Chemical-free recycling and energy savings of up to 90%: Kurtz WAVE FOAMER with radiofrequency technology
22. October 2020

Main prize winner at Bavarian Energy Award 2020

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14. October 2020

Exchange on challenges of digital transformation

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New product in the Kurtz Ersa portfolio: Kurtz Ersa enters the metallic 3D printing market with the Alpha 140 from LMI.
16. September 2020

Kurtz Ersa and LMI enter cooperation in the field...

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Kurtz Ersa CEO Rainer Kurtz and IZW Managing Director Ralf Reich handing over the keys
04. August 2020

Kurtz Ersa sells prefabrication

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For an energy consumption reduced by up to 90%: Kurtz WAVE FOAMER with radio frequency technology
24. July 2020

RF Technology provides up to 90% Energy Savings

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The Ersa fume extraction units EASY ARM 1 and EASY ARM 2 supply a three-stage filter system to clean the process air; this creates a healthy work environment and operators are protected against illnesses
10. July 2020

Solder fume filter units fresh´n the air and...

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06. July 2020

Huge interest in Ersa Webinars

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For our planet: Considerable CO2 savings with the Kurtz WAVE FOAMER
01. July 2020

Stop global warming

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25. June 2020

Ready for the digital future!

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Exterior view of the new production and administration building of Ersa GmbH in Bestenheid
24. June 2020

Kurtz Ersa inaugurates new production hall

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04. June 2020

High initial yield begins in stencil printing

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