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Exos 10/26: Inline reflow soldering under vacuum

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Ersa Exos 10/26 reflow soldering system: Inline reflow soldering under vacuum

Ersa answers the demands of electronics manufacturing for pore-free solder joints - especially for power electronics and high-reliability technology - with the EXOS 10/26, a convection reflow soldering system with 22 heating chambers and 4 cooling zones as well as a vacuum chamber after the peak zone, which can reduce the void rate by an impressive 99%. Thanks to intelligent features, the EXOS 10/26 can produce particularly economically and "void-free".

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Technology Highlights Reflow Soldering System EXOS 10/26

  • 4-part conveyor (infeed, preheating and peak, vacuum, cooling zone) also as dual track
  • Perfect synchronization of the assemblies and transitions thanks to sensor-monitored conveyor, no external infeed module required
  • Maintenance-friendly and lubricant-free roller conveyor in the vacuum module
  • Optimum access to the vacuum chamber through lifting unit from above
  • Optimum temperature profiles through medium-wave emitters in the vacuum module
  • Maximum machine availability thanks to fast removal of the conveyor unit in the vacuum module
  • Part-integrated vacuum pump on separate module carrier for easy and fast maintenance
  • Innovative cleaning system SMART ELEMENTS®

Technical data Ersa Reflow Soldering System EXOS 10/26


7,875 mm
1,969 mm
2,195 mm
Weight with options:
5,000 kg

EXOS 10/26: Ersa reflow soldering under vacuum

With the EXOS 10/26, Ersa presents a vacuum reflow soldering system with which the void rate can be reduced by 99%.


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