Ersa Rework

Guided Rework System Ersa HR 550

Guided Rework System HR 550

Guided rework with high-performance optical system and flexible heating technology

Article-No.: 0HR550

Thanks to guided processes, the Ersa Rework System HR 550 ensures safe rework on the basis of simple and convenient operation. Predicate: visually leading!

Prepared for all rework cases

From 01005 chips to large SMT connectors (120 mm), from SMT flip chips to THT pin grid arrays, BGAs on flex circuit or multilayer BGAs - Ersa rework systems offer the optimal solution for all applications.

Specifications Rework System Ersa HR 550

Technical data HR 550

  • Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm: 573 x 765 x 545/747 (heating head down/up)
  • Weight in kg: 76
  • Antistatic Design (y/n): yes
  • Power Rating in W: 4.200
  • Nominal voltage in V AC: 230
  • Upper heating: Hybrid emitter (900 + 900 W), 70 x 70 mm
  • Lower heating: IR emitter (3 x 800 W), 390 x 270 mm
  • PCB size in mm: up to 400 x 300 mm (+x) up to 520 x 360 mm (+x) (0HR550L)
  • Component size in mm: from 01005 to 70 x 70
  • Operation: Windows-PC
  • Test symbol: CE
  • Option: Reflow process camera: 2,3 MP, CMOS GigE color camera, 25 mm focal length, illumination 2x LED, adjustable

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Ersa Rework System HR 550

  • Explained in detail in the product video
  • HR 550 trailer: all the functions of the rework system at a glance
  • Forensics - a good reason for rework, reading data from a memory

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