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Stencil Printer VERSAPRINT 2 ULTRA3

World´s first stencil printer with integrated 3D inspection

The Ersa Stencil Printer VERSAPRINT 2 ULTRA³ uses the latest measurement technology of the 3D LIST camera. The shape of the smallest solder paste depots plays a major role for the printed volume and ultimately for the shape of the solder joint. Is the paste deposit the same height over the entire surface or does it slope towards the edges? This question is answered by the ULTRA³, which combines a stencil printer and 3D-SPI at the same time.

Technical data
Ersa Stencil Printer
Substrate size (X x Y): min. 50 x 50 mm, max. 680 x 500 mm (inspection area 550 x 500 mm) Print head: two independent squeegee heads with continuous squeegee force control, squeegee depth stop and pendulum limitation Cycle time: 10 s + print
Optional stencil cleaner: 680 x 500 mm Squeegee force: 0-230 N Setup time: under 10 min
Substrate thickness: 0.5-6 mm Camera: 3D line scan camera for alignment and inspection of substrate and stencil Product changeover: under 2 min
Component clearance: up to 35 mm Repeatability: +/-12.5 µm @ 6 sigma Grafische Bedienoberfläche: Touchscreen
Stencil dimensions: min. 450 x 450 mm, max. 737 x 737 mm adjustable without tools Print accuracy: +/-25 µm @ 6 sigma Graphical user interface: touch screen

Ersa Stencil Printer - VERSAPRINT 2 ULTRA³

United in efficiency: The VERSAPRINT 2 ULTRA³ is the world's first stencil printer with integrated 3D inspection.


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