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World's first stencil printer with integrated 3D inspection

With the fast 2D LIST camera (LIST = Line Scanning Technology), the VERSAPRINT 2 PRO² is particularly suitable for products with high inspection requirements. The system can be upgraded or retrofitted with all options of the VERSAPRINT 2 series.

Technical data
Substrate size (X x Y): min. 50 x 50 mm, max. 680 x 500 mm (inspection area 550 x 500 mm) Print head: two independent squeegee heads with continuous squeegee force control, squeegee depth stop and pendulum limitation Cycle time: 10 s + pressure
Optional stencil cleaner: 680 x 500 mm Squeegee force: 0-230 N Time to set up: less than 10 min
Substrate thickness: 0.5-6 mm Camera: 3D line scan camera for alignment and inspection of substrate and stencil Product changeover: under 2 min
Part clearance: up to 35 mm Repetition accuracy: +/-12.5 µm @ 6 Sigma Graphical user interface: touch screen
Stencil size: min. 450 x 450 mm, max. 737 x 737 mm adjustable without tools Printing accuracy: +/-25 µm @ 6 sigma  

Ersa Stencil Printer - VERSAPRINT 2 ULTRA³

United in efficiency: The VERSAPRINT 2 ULTRA³ is the world's first stencil printer with integrated 3D inspection.


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