Kurtz Ersa - Procurement

Since this week, the corona pandemic has been causing noticeable disruption in private and business life. The Kurtz Ersa Group is responding to the increasing spread of the corona virus with a comprehensive crisis programme, about which we would like to keep you informed:

  • A crisis management team was set up shortly after the outbreak of the virus in Asia. It meets daily to exchange information, decide on necessary measures and implement them directly. Our aim is to minimize the risk of infection within the company, to ensure the functionality of the plant and to maintain production and supply to our customers.

  • The Kurtz Ersa production and assembly plants are working according to plan and our worldwide logistics network is currently fully functional.

  • In order to slow down the spread of the virus, more stringent hygiene measures have been introduced at all locations and participation in internal/external events has been discontinued. Business trips to crisis areas and between locations of the Kurtz Ersa Group have been discontinued until further notice.

  • We offer our suppliers the opportunity to continue to be in close contact with their purchasing contacts via video conferences. Please understand that we are offering supplier contact virtually to protect everyone. Until further notice, we ask you to refrain from visiting our German locations. Your contact persons are all equipped with “Skype for Business” and look forward to your call.
  • Kurtz Ersa urges you as our suppliers to check all levels of your supply chain to identify risks and, if discovered, to immediately send a written response to einkauf@kurtzersa.de stating whether or not you have identified or fear a possible disruption of your supply chain.

    If you have identified a possible disruption to your supply chain, please include the following details in your response:

    • affected part numbers and order number
    • affected Kurtz Ersa plant
    • predicted first missed shipment / expected delivery date

      Even if no risks are immediately identified, please continue to monitor your global supply chains for possible future risks.

We cannot currently predict the extent to which the pandemic will affect us. If production plants are ordered to close, it is possible that there will be temporary and local bottlenecks in supply capacity. Should you no longer be able to supply us as planned, please inform us immediately. In the current situation, however, the health of you, your employees and our Kurtz Ersa colleagues has top priority. Let us implement the necessary measures together!


Principles for our business relationship with suppliers

"We apply the same principles to business relationships with our suppliers as we do to business relationships with customers. In particular we have an open and partner-like relationship, being the key for a long-term cooperation. Price negotiations are executed in a consequent manner and with orientation to the result, but always open, objective and fair. All areas of the Kurtz Ersa Group work together in a cross-functional way in order to determine potentials for savings.

This is what we expect from our suppliers, as well."



Our vision: “Our technological lead optimizes our customers’ production processes” has resulted in the following targets in the area of procurement:

  • Assurance of  the Kurtz Ersa Group delivery service
  • Continual improvement of the mutual processes and products
  • Assurance of competitive purchasing prices through the implementation of improvements to reduce our suppliers’ costs
  • Integration of the suppliers in the value-added chains

Prerequisites for Cooperation

A long-term partnership requires mutual fundamental values and targets. The formal groundwork to this effect is based on the following documents:




We have implemented a supplier portal for our suppliers and applicants.

If you are interested, use this link.