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Applications in Particle Foam

Particle Foams, produced on Kurtz Machines, protect or insulate - as packaging or technical products.


Lightweight construction and particle foams can almost be mentioned in the same breath. It is impossible to imagine lightweight construction without the particle foam EPP. EPP is used in a wide range of applications and provides all-round protection for vehicle occupants. For example, it is an excellent energy absorber. This property is crucial in crashes. EPP also contributes to the regulation of vehicle temperature through its ability to provide thermal insulation.

Examples: Bumper core, headrest, seat bench


The application of EPS particle foam in the construction industry is diverse. It can be used as an insulating element under the roof, as a perimeter slab or slab when laying underfloor heating. The particle foam convinces with its low weight, it enables a fast, inexpensive construction progress and meets the highest requirements for thermal insulation - the building is optimally insulated and heating costs are saved. In addition, EPS is 100% recyclable!

Examples: Facade insulation, underfloor heating panel in skin moulding, ICF construction (Insulating Concrete Forms = elements for house construction) with and without inserts.


In the food industry, EPS foam is used in particular. EPS is chemically neutral and is therefore also suitable for transporting foodstuffs. With EPS, temperature-sensitive goods can be transported and delivered fresh to their destination. The required packaging can be adapted individually and precisely to the goods to be transported.

Examples: Fish crate, fruit crate, transport box for packaged food


In recreational applications, the primary role of particle foam is personal protection. The combination of low weight and high stability can save lives in an emergency. In addition, fabrics like eTPU are strong in preventing discomfort due to their elasticity and exceptional resilience. For example, eTPU is responsible for back-friendly cushioning in bicycle saddles. EPP serves as sports equipment in the form of a fascia roll.

Examples: Bicycle or mountaineering helmet, sports shoe, sports equipment for gymnastics or rehab


Particle foams also score points with their design freedom. There are no limits to the shaping and thus the variety of applications for particle foams. Moulded parts can be foamed in a wide variety of geometries and sizes, and with or without inserts. Due to their diverse properties, particle foams such as EPS, EPE and EPP are used in a wide variety of technical areas.

Examples: Booster seats for children, housings e.g. for water pumps, mobile refrigerator


In the packaging industry, performance and a favorable price play a decisive role. Foams such as EPS also meet all requirements here: EPS is inexpensive, extremely lightweight, can be shaped as desired, and can be sawn, milled or cut like wood. Packaging made of EPS protects sensitive goods during transport and storage, thus helping to prevent damage.

Examples: for household appliances (dual density) + catering equipment, transport pallet (EPS laminated with film), monitors, printers (hi-fi equipment)


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