ERSA VERSAGUIDE optical control system

VERSAGUIDE optical control system

Avoiding assembly errors through optical control: VERSAGUIDE is a system for support and control during PCB assembly or assembly work. This helps to avoid assembly errors and at the same time saves costs for time-consuming rework.


Major expansion stage

VERSAGUIDE Pro is the large expansion stage of Elite and helps in the assembly of electronic modules through 100% control. By saving on rework, reducing complaints or training non-specialist employees, the added value remains on site. VERSAGUIDE Pro works with a high-resolution camera including lens and illumination panel. With a working distance of the camera to the placement level of 1,200 mm, familiar work is possible without restrictions.

Once the component is mounted, VERSAGUIDE Pro checks in a few seconds whether it is the right component and whether it has been mounted correctly. Individual characteristics of the component such as position, color, contour or dimensions are decisive. The inspection runs in the 640 x 480 mm camera field of view.


Offline working station

Image recognition software is used to set and monitor the criteria to be inspected, and features such as character strings, patterns, colors and textures are reliably recognized. Individual components or assembly instructions can be read in as an image and made available. VERSAGUIDE Elite guides the user through the work steps and provides immediate feedback. Only when everything is correct, the next step follows. Log data is saved for each work step, and the serial number can also be stored via barcode scanner.

VERSAGUIDE ELITE can be set up as a single camera system for existing workstation concepts. Or Ersa supplies the complete VERSAGUIDE workstation as required and with additional accessories such as accumulating roller conveyor, barcode scanner and lifting unit.


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