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For service inquiries regarding Kurtz Protective Solutions or Kurtz Casting Solutions equipment, please contact us at this e-mail address: Hotline-MaFa(at)kurtzersa.de
Our competent Kurtz Service Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Training: Good staff pays off - qualified employees make optimum use of the potential of machine and software and give you a direct advantage over the competition. Benefit from our comprehensive know-how, which we provide to our customers worldwide. Kurtz offers you both seminars and individual training courses. In the latter case, the group is composed purely of employees from your company. The contents of the training can be specially adapted to your requirements.
  • Service training: Our service training enables your employees to help themselves in case of machine malfunctions. Often, only a few hand movements are necessary to get the system running again. If the operator is unable to rectify the fault himself, he can analyze the cause in detail after the training. This supports the work of our service technicians, downtimes are reduced to a minimum and working time and costs are saved.

Initial instruction machine

Initial instruction for new installations is part of Kurtz´s order portfolio. Often, however, comprehensive initial instruction is also necessary when tools are removed from service or machines are relocated. Here, our specialists support your team in determining the optimized process parameters and tool settings.

It is important to us to keep your employees' know-how up to date at all times. The goal always remains to exclude incorrect operation of the system and to guarantee reproducible quality and quantity of your end products.


Our Kurtz service technicians check all safety-relevant factors of your machines annually. The annual inspection according to DGUV regulation 3 is an essential part of this. If no danger emanates from the machine and if all safety standards are complied with, the machine will receive a corresponding safety certificate.


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