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Stencil printer with self-control thanks to fully integrated solder paste inspection

Almost 70% of all process errors in the SMT line are caused by stencil printing. Yet most errors can be corrected in a cost-saving manner. The Ersa VERSAPRINT 2 printers use modern camera technologies for fast setup and full-surface solder paste inspection directly in the printer. The intuitive user interface ensures space-saving operation. With "features on demand", the VERSAPRINT 2 is flexibly adaptable to special requirements.

The Stencil Printing Process

Printing solder paste in form of solder paste deposits on PCBs is - like reflow soldering - an elementary component of modern SMT manufacturing technology. Solder paste, consisting of solder powder, flux and pasty components, moves a squeegee over a stainless steel stencil in the solder paste printer, thus filling its openings. After the printing process, the solder paste is located in exact quantity on the component pads of the PCB, which is precisely fixed under the stencil. In the subsequent process, only the SMT components have to be loaded into these solder paste depots, the later solder joints.

Ersa Stencil Printer - VERSAPRINT 2 ULTRA3

United in efficiency: The VERSAPRINT 2 ULTRA3 is the world´s first stencil printer with integrated 3D inspection.

Technology Highlights VERSAPRINT 2

2D SPI directly after the printing process

  • LIST camera for 100% inspection in process cycle
  • Low space requirement in the production line for printing and inspection
  • Closed-loop process control for stencil printing and post-print inspection
  • Easy programming and operation
  • Stencil printing and SPI in one machine

Ersa VERSAPRINT 2 Platform

The Ersa VERSAPRINT series at a glance: "Best in Class" stencil printer with integrated 100% postprint SPI at line speed.

Stencil Printer


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