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Operational Safety

Consider safety standards, avoid shutdowns. Contact Kurtz for support!

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Your contact to Kurtz Service

For service inquiries regarding Kurtz Protective Solutions or Kurtz Casting Solutions equipment, please contact us at this e-mail address: Hotline-MaFa(at)kurtzersa.de
Our competent Kurtz Service Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Machine Testing

The requirements regarding machine safety are regulated in the Machinery Directive (MRL, Directive 2006/42/EC). As the operator of the plant, you bear full responsibility for operational safety. We will be pleased to support you in identifying potential safety risks.

Because machine safety is Kurtz´s top priority. Our experienced specialists will identify even inconspicuous safety defects on your Kurtz machine. Through an on-site audit, safety problems can be detected at an early stage. In addition, our experts conduct professional safety audits and briefings and, as qualified technicians, are authorized to issue safety certificates according to DGUV.

Added Value through Digitization

Standardized interfaces and systems as well as an availability for web browser and smartphones make the platform Kurtz Ersa CONNECT user-friendly and a must-have for your production. With Kurtz Ersa CONNECT, you score in many directions:

  • You acquire important data for process and machine monitoring,
  • You secure your competitiveness through increased efficiency and better capacity utilization of the overall systems,
  • You achieve a higher speed of the service processes, reduce machine downtimes, increase machine availability and,
  • … have shorter training periods for your staff. Know-how transfer by our experts takes place through integrated digital service and training processes.

Remote Service

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our production processes and the entire manufacturing industry. Digitized processes, products and services create new levels of efficiency. Act now and become a pioneer in your field with Kurtz!

With the help of a VPN connection, we can connect to your machines worldwide and perform error diagnostics and software adjustments. Your advantages: fewer unplanned machine downtimes, more efficient utilization of the machine park and faster service speed.


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