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Thanks to modular design, Ersa POWERFLOW wave soldering systems can be implemented in a wide variety of configurations depending on requirements - from high-end full-tunnel inert gas soldering systems to open atmospheric wave soldering systems. Each POWERFLOW model relies on stable processes and reproducible parameters with impressive values in terms of availability, economy and quality to master all wave soldering tasks efficiently and flexibly.


In the highest configuration stage, the POWERFLOW ULTRA XXL offers a comprehensive range of configuration options in the areas of fluxer, preheating section and soldering module. This increases the working width to up to 610 mm, while the PCB lengths reach their limit at a maximum of 850 mm. With modular


preheating concept (max. 3,000 mm heating length), the ULTRA XXL with award-winning user interface is recommended for processing server boards for 5G telecommunications. Thanks to Kurtz Ersa CONNECT and Kurtz Ersa GATE, Ersa's "Big Wave" is always ready for Industry 4.0.


Spray systems have long been standard for every wave soldering system - Ersa offers numerous innovative solutions around the fluxer, all designed for economy, flux consumption and processing speed. In addition to the "normal" precision spray fluxer, an optional ultrasonic spray head is available for POWERFLOW ULTRA, POWERFLOW PRO and POWERFLOW, which impresses with even lower flux application and even less maintenance.

As an inline selective fluxer, the POWERFLUX expands the Ersa portfolio with another system that revolutionizes THT component processing electronics manufacturing - with precise and defined flux application in the smallest areas, applied at the solder joint as dots or in paths. The wetted area can be as narrow as 2 mm in diameter - a clear advantage in selective mask soldering that reduces flux consumption by up to 95%.


Modular preheating concept in wave soldering with convection and radiant heating that can be variably configured and thus individually adapted to production requirements. Convection heaters as well as medium-wave radiant heaters and short-wave infrared heaters are available for this purpose. Convection modules show their strengths when heating large, high-mass components on the placement side or when temperature-sensitive components are used that must not be overheated.

Medium-wave emitters also support the homogeneous heating of high-mass PCBs, which protects temperature-sensitive components. Short-wave IR emitters transmit the different amounts of energy with almost no inertia, making them ideal for mixed production.

In addition, the POWERFLOW series systems feature automatic temperature compensation. The heating of the plant tunnel is detected at suitable points and the temperatures of the preheating modules are corrected accordingly via algorithms. The result: constant operating conditions are guaranteed despite variable energy output. In the ULTRA expansion stage, up to five preheating modules are possible, corresponding to a maximum heating length of 3,000 mm.

Soldering module

The user-friendly soldering unit of the POWERFLOW can be equipped with a wide range of different solder nozzles in order to be optimally prepared for the respective soldering task and to ensure the highest soldering quality. The easy-to-maintain soldering pots can be conveniently moved out of the system electrically.

One example from the Ersa nozzle portfolio is the patented Vario Wave, which incorporates all of Ersa's now almost 100 years of soldering experience: this nozzle has outstanding dynamics and very good flow and breakaway behavior. This makes it particularly well suited for masks with deep pockets. Likewise for soldering difficult SMD geometries on the underside of the PCB.

The distance between the solder nozzles and the PCB, the clearance height, can be conveniently adjusted from the outside without having to open the process tunnel. Alternatively, this can also be done automatically via optional actuators. This parameter, as well as all other assembly-specific soldering parameters, is stored in the soldering program. This makes it possible to adjust the clearance height in mix mode to suit the specific assembly, resulting in higher system availability.


The POWERFLOW ULTRA and POWERFLOW PRO wave soldering systems work with the database-based software platform ERSASOFT 5. In addition to machine control, this also handles data storage, such as process parameters, operating, fault and maintenance messages. Integrated into the customer's data center, several machines can access the database - an identical process for the same product at different locations is thus easily possible.

Industry 4.0

ERSASOFT 5 lays the foundation for Industry 4.0. We offer you future-proof Industry 4.0 solutions and services with added value for production, process monitoring and quality assurance, including standardized connectivity with the greatest possible security through Kurtz Ersa CONNECT and Kurtz Ersa GATE.


The networking of machines in industry and intelligent communication between smart devices is reaching a new level with 5G technology. Highly complex assemblies with large dimensions (e.g. antenna masts) require manufacturing facilities with corresponding process zones and a high degree of automation. Ersa is perfectly positioned for this as a system supplier across the entire portfolio - in the field of wave soldering with the POWERFLOW ULTRA XXL.

Wave soldering systems

With their modular design, Ersa POWERFLOW wave soldering systems are suitable for any customer requirement - from high-end full-tunnel inert gas soldering systems to open atmospheric wave soldering systems.

Wave soldering systems 

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