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Operational Efficiency

Optimal technical support through individual services. Always close to the customer!

Kurtz Service Spare Parts Management

Your contact to Kurtz Service

For service inquiries regarding Kurtz Protective Solutions or Kurtz Casting Solutions equipment, please contact us at this e-mail address: Hotline-MaFa(at)kurtzersa.de
Our competent Kurtz Service Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hardware + Software Upgrades

We make sure that your equipment is always state of the art. We will gladly carry out upgrades or conversions of your existing machine control system in cooperation with you. This will optimize the performance of your machines and increase their service life.

This brings enormous cost savings and new functions: permanent operational safety, new software functions, upgrading to new safety functions, upgrading to the latest standards, inexpensive modernization of machines instead of purchasing new ones, shortened downtimes due to new hardware and software and testing of machines to current standards.

On-site visit

We perform an on-site visit or inspection of your machine and determine the effort required to optimize it so that it operates reliably within the standard range.


  • Factory installation
  • Check of media supply (steam/air/water)
  • Media preparation
  • Check of storage of raw material and additives
  • Plant and supply review
  • Complete plant consideration

Process optimization

Our application engineers support you not only during the commissioning of the plant. They are your contact for all process topics and questions throughout the entire product life cycle.

We also offer training packages for process support and process understanding in application with our technologies. Topics include quality and qualification as well as raw material preparation. After completion, you will receive a detailed report containing further measures and steps for process optimization.


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