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Complaints management and whistleblowing system

Kurtz Ersa offers its employees and all business partners (including their employees) the option to report possible violations of the compliance requirement and the supply chain due diligence act. In this way, our complaint management and whistleblower system contribute to limiting the consequences of such violations and to preventing comparable misconduct in the future.[FC1] 

The electronic platform can be used to report indications of potential violations of legal provisions and internal rules. This applies, for example, to suspicions of:

- Violation of human rights and social standards

- environmental and occupational health and safety violations

- corruption

- Fraud/disloyalty/embezzlement

- money laundering

- Data breach/information security

- Competition law violations or theft

We use the software solution of the company Osapiens for this purpose, which enables complaints and tips to be submitted anonymously.

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Kurtz Ersa - Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct applies not only to Kurtz Ersa as a globally active group, but also to our suppliers. We therefore commit ourselves to comply with all applicable laws and regulations as well as international and industry standards, and we also expect this from our suppliers.

Our business partners are also obliged to pass on this obligation to their contractual partners in their upstream supply and production chain.

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