We are technologically

Kurtz Ersa works strategically and purposefully to advance the production of its customers worldwide. The goal is technological leadership in all areas. The focus is on engineering, the content of which is closely dovetailed with megatrends such as automation, e-mobility, IoT and 5G in order to create sustainable, future-proof solutions.

Always available

Thanks to our area-wide 24/7 service, we are able to directly record regional customer needs and incorporate them into product development. Using artificial intelligence and creativity, we are working together towards a successful future with the mentality of a start-up.

Constant further development of cutting-edge technologies

We know the market and follow its changes, aligning our product range with requirements. As a result, we are constantly evolving and generating new products and solutions. Our market success is based on this technological lead - which we provide as cutting-edge technologies for our customers.

Better, faster, more efficient

We are technologically top in all product areas because we are better, faster and more efficient than our competitors. But also because our products are top in terms of cost-benefit ratio. Through cooperation with innovation centers, exchange with trendsetters, openness to inspiration and ideas, we are consolidating and expanding this position.