POWERFLUX – Selective Standalone Fluxer

Fluxing with the highest precision – superior process safety even with high throughput.


Highlights POWERFLUX:

  • XL-version for 610 x 610 mm PCBs
  • Reduction of flux consumption up to 95%
  • Short payback period of for the Ersa POWERFLUX
  • Reduction of flux residue on the PCB
  • Reduced maintenance efforts on the fluxer unit and soldering system
  • Reduced efforts to maintain the solder masks or pallets
  • Increased service life for the solder masks or pallets


The new POWERFLUX expands the Ersa product range by another system which will revolutionize that part of the electronic manufacturing industry which is still processing through-hole technology components. The POWERFLUX is an in-line selective fluxer that provides a precise and defined flux deposition even in the smallest areas of a printed circuit board. Individual dots as well as tracks can be fluxed.


The flux spraying is very precise. You can define to flux just the solder joint area, whereby the wetted surface can be as small as 2 mm. This precision allows that only the exact amount of flux is deposited as is needed to form the joint. Especially in the area of “selective” wave soldering using aperture masks, the POWERFLUX offers great advantages in relation to a reduced consumption of flux (savings up to 95%!) and the reduction of ionic contamination between PCB and mask. This stand-alone system is also compatible for non Ersa carriers or masks and offers therefore high flexibility for all production environments.


  • XL version for 610 x 610 mm PCBs
  • Option package with maintenance access at the infeed, additional suction and modified PC holder
  • Program-controlled conveyor width adjustment
  • Second microdrop spray head with larger spray nozzle (270 μm)
  • Two spray heads type “Krautzberger” with different nozzle sizes (127/145 μm)
  • Quick spray system for simultaneous soldering (4 spray heads)
  • Scanner (barcode/matrix code)
  • Printed circuit board locking mechanism

Technical data

Machine dimensions

  • Length: 1,689 mm
  • Width: 1,080 mm
  • Height: 1,557

Transport system

  • Chain pin conveyor
  • PCB width: 60–508 mm
  • PCB length: 60–508 mm
  • Maximum PCB top side clearance-up top: 120 mm
  • Maximum PCB bottom side clearance: 60 mm
  • Max. PCB weight: 8 kg

Media supply

  • Compressed air
  • Electrical supply
  • Exhaust air


  • Drop-Jet in different sizes