The best made even better! - The next generation VERSAFLOW. Winner of the NPI Award 2016

High-End-Selective Soldering System Ersa VERSAFLOW 4/55
High-End-Selective Soldering System Ersa VERSAFLOW 4/55


Ersa Selective Soldering: VERSAFLOW 4/55 with VERSAFLEX module – product video

Ersa VERSAFLOW 4/55 product video


Highlights Selective Soldering System VERSAFLOW 4/55

  • High end selective soldering system to integrate into in-line manufacturing concepts
  • Mini-wave soldering for high flexibility or multi-wave soldering (in preparation) for high volume applications
  • Product change without loss in production time with the multi-wave process (in preparation)
  • Processable area 20″ x 20″
  • Soldering module Y/Z variable
  • Versacam for height measurement on the fly
  • Versaflex soldering module X/Y/Z variable
  • Power convection for optimal homogenous preheats
  • Parallel process through separation of fluxing, preheating and soldering cycle
  • Use of up to 4 flux spray heads
  • Fluxer y-variable
  • Flexible system configuration on account of modularity of the design
  • Ideal for linking to manual workstations or peripheral equipment
  • Secure process control with monitoring of all relevant processes
  • CAD-Assistant for offline programming
  • Link for traceability systems for process control


... VERSAFLOW 4/55

The worlds leading inline selective soldering system VERSAFLOW meets the highest demands in flexibility and throughput. With almost endless possibilities of configurations the system is ideal to meet any customer requirement.

The additional modules of the VERSAFLOW make it fit for future demands. The Ersa VERSAFLOW 4/55 ist the 4th generation of the leading inline selective soldering system and inspires with its new user interface and increased process flexibility

Technical Data


  • Length from 2,600 mm
  • Width approx. 1,700 mm
  • Height approx. 1,600 mm

Conveyor support

  • Roller conveyor
  • PCB width: 63.5-508 mm
  • PCB length: 127-508 mm
  • Maximum PCB top side clearance: 120 mm
  • Maximumg PCB bottom side clearance: 30 mm
  • Maximum PCB weight: 5 kg (option 15 kg)

Media supply

  • Nitrogen
  • Pneumatic system
  • Electric supply
  • Extracted air

Flux module

Drop-Jet in different sizes

Preheat module

IR heating, convection or combination of IR and convection

Solder module

  • Electromagnetic solder pot
  • Mini-wave 13 kg up to 6 pots


  • Roller-type conveyor for direct board handling
  • Programmable width adjustment
  • Precision Drop-Jet Fluxer, up to 2 X-Y modules and 4 spray heads per module
  • Maximum permissible board weight: 15 kg
  • 2 different flux media for each module
  • Up to 5 preheat modules
  • IR preheater individually configurable, convection on lower and upper side
  • Pyrometer to monitor temperature
  • Up to 3 solder modules with each 2 solder bath for mini-wave and mini-dip applications
  • Electromagnetic multi-dip-bath, modular construction (in preparation)
  • Tool-change on the fly for multi-dip tools (in preparation)
  • Controlled rest-oxygen value in multi-dip tool (in preparation)
  • Combination of multi-wave bath and mini-wave modules (in preparation)
  • Transfer of board data from the CAD system
  • ERSASOFT 5 incl. integration of MES (Manufacturing Execution System)