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Shakehands for a strong cooperation: AJ Strandquist, CEO Würth Additive Group, and Albrecht Beck, President and COO of Kurtz Ersa, Inc. with the sales teams of both companies
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Kurtz Ersa, Inc.

Start for Kurtz Ersa metal 3D printing in the USA


Partnership with Würth Additive Group for North America

Wertheim/Indianapolis (USA) - 21.03.2022 | The Würth Additive Group and Kurtz Ersa will be working together in North America in the sale of metallic 3D printers. Together with Laser Melting Innovations GmbH & Co. KG, Kurtz Ersa had further developed the Alpha 140 entry-level printer to an industry standard in 2020. After the successful market entry in the DACH region, Kurtz Ersa is now targeting the North American market with the Alpha 140.

Perfect sales partner for North America

The Würth Additive Group, with its expertise and experience in metallic 3D printing combined with a strong sales and marketing team, is the perfect partner to distribute the Alpha 140 in the North American market.

The first contact between the two companies took place in September 2021 at the RAPID + TCT 2021 additive manufacturing trade show in Chicago. The interest was bilateral from the start – here the digital Kanban storage concept from Würth Additive, there the 3D metal printer from Kurtz Ersa. In November 2021, a Würth Additive delegation visited the Kurtz Ersa 3D Tec Center in Kreuzwertheim to see the Alpha 140 live in action. The first delivery to Würth Additive in Indianapolis was followed only a short time later by installation at a US customer in February 2022. An Alpha 140 wowed visitors to the Expo Manufactura in Monterrey, Mexico, at the Würth Additive booth – and likewise not long after at the "Design-2-Part" in Arlington, Texas. The Würth Additive team is already planning further trade fair appearances with the Alpha 140, including roadshows and sales events. There are also plans to expand the cooperation in other countries.

Alpha 140: Entry into 3D metal printing

The Alpha 140 is the perfect entry into 3D metal printing and combines innovative additive manufacturing technology with intuitive operation. Above all, the compact design of the plug'n'produce system with integrated inert gas generator and powder extraction has already convinced several medium-sized companies and offers the optimum solution for the tool-free production of metal parts. Complex structures with maximum geometric freedom can be produced quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to the open system, process parameters can be individually set in the slicer. The free variation of process parameters means that metal materials such as stainless steel, tool steel and aluminum can be used.

Partnering with Würth Additive Group will give Kurtz Ersa Inc. a significant boost in bringing the Alpha 140 to the American market and Würth customers,” says Albrecht Beck, President and COO of Kurtz Ersa America. “The extensive knowledge and experience with metal 3D printing brought by Würth Additive Group, combined with Kurtz Ersa’s track record of producing market-leading technologies and top-rated service will allow us to elevate customer capabilities and support.”

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