Low-pressure casting machine

Kurtz SC

Fixed stationary unit, retractable exchangeable furnace

Kurtz technology also for interchangeable furnace concepts: Machines with stationary closing unit and extendable holding furnace - the so-called S-versions - allow better accessibility for maintenance work and allow the use of exchangeable furnace concepts e.g. by crane or forklift.

Technical Highlights

SC Series

  • Closing unit with 4 solid guiding bars and 2 mold closing cylinders

  • Resistance furnace with thyristor control

  • Shuttle furnace designed for easy change of riser tube and furnace maintenance

  • Hydraulic system with safe, water glycol base fluid

  • Programmable microprocessor control (SPS) with process visualization on colour monitor, user-friendly, direct display of messages

  • Automatic pressure compensation for the metal used in each shot

Also available as powerful 2-in-1 solution for permanent mould and lost mould.

Technical data Low-Pressure Casting Machines        
Kurtz Typ SC 10-7 13-13 16-13 18-16
Mould mounting area in mm (between the columns) 1020x740 1350x1350 1680x1330 1800x1680
Light width max. (in mm) 1805 1905 2300 2600
Stroke-closing plate (in mm) 1100 1100 1800 1800
Other sizes available on request        

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Lothar Hartmann General Manager Casting Solutions