Low-Pressure Casting

Lost Forms: Ceramics

Low pressure casting machines for ceramic mould

Low-pressure casting plant for investment castings in ceramic molds: The aluminum parts cast in investment casting with a wall thickness of one millimeter and less are used, for example, in defense technology, aircraft construction, the automotive industry and also in mechanical engineering. In short, wherever every gram has to be saved in order to keep moving masses as small as possible.

Low-Pressure Casting: Thin-walled and demanding cluster
Low-Pressure Casting: Thin-walled and demanding cluster

Heart of the plant: Kurtz low-pressure control system

In general, geometrically complicated ceramic screws must be filled extremely quickly and yet calmly. This type of mould filling is necessary in order to cast thin-walled parts with many cross-sectional changes. At the same time, the required mechanical properties must be achieved. As the heart of the system, the Kurtz low-pressure control achieves the mould filling speed of over 65 mbar per second required for this application - this means about 260 mm of aluminum per second.

In addition to the fast die filling, the already known Kurtz elements "teach pre-pressure" and "determine start point die filling" are used by means of remote control. Our plants are equipped with resistance heated crucible furnaces, which are used for melting and holding. The pouring table can be moved manually in these systems and placed above the respective furnace that is ready for casting. The second furnace can be refilled with melt during the casting time of the first and optimally prepared for the highest possible melt quality.


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