Low-Pressure Casting

Lost Forms: Plaster

Low-pressure casting machines for plaster moulds

Low pressure casting machines for plaster moulds: The use of sand cores in the molds to be cast or the casting of complete sand packages is a well-known process and widely used. However, if an extremely high surface quality without visible defects is required, cores made of plaster are also used. Kurtz has years of experience in the production of parts using the low-pressure casting process for this material as well.

Kurtz on top: Handling and peripheral solutions

In addition to the machines perfectly equipped for the respective application, we have implemented countless solutions in terms of handling and peripherals over the years. Thus, in cooperation with the customer, the casting processes are constantly optimized, and ingot moulds are designed and built. Important overall process steps before and after casting are also included and rounded off by intelligent mold changing systems, core handling and part removal.


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Lothar Hartmann General Manager Casting Solutions