Ersa optical inspection

Optical inspection system Ersa MOBILE SCOPE

Optical inspection system MOBILE SCOPE

Hand-guided system for fast inspection of hidden solder joints

Article No.: 0VSSC060VK(x)

Compact, portable video microscope for inspecting solder joints in electronics manufacturing. It is designed for optical inspection and digital image recording as well as measurement tasks on solder joints of ball grid array (BGA), μBGA, CSP and flip chip devices.

Ersa inspection systems

Ersa MOBILE SCOPE basic unit

  • Dimensions (LxWxH) mm: 114 x 36 x 51 (without cable)
  • Weight in g: 210
  • Principle: integrated optical system with built-in camera and LED light source
  • Design: plastic, built-in lens 3 mm field of view, light controller integrated (light generation in optics)
  • Light control: potentiometer (0-100%)
  • Backlight characteristics: cold light LED illumination (option), separately hand-held, with light brush and light intensity adjustment
  • Focus adjustment: integrated focus ring on optics
  • Connections: USB 2.0 (USB-A, length 2.5 m), connection flange for MOBILE SCOPE optics

ERSASCOPE - optical solder joint inspection

Uniquely efficient: optical inspection of solder joints with Ersa's patented systems - the ideal complement to X-ray inspection of BGAs!


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