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Full tunnel wave soldering system POWERFLOW ULTRA XXL

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High-end full tunnel nitrogen wave soldering system Ersa POWERFLOW ULTRA XXL

The POWERFLOW ULTRA is the innovation in the wave soldering product portfolio of Ersa GmbH. This full-tunnel wave soldering machine meets current and future flexibility and throughput requirements. The machine is available with both frame and finger transport. Working widths from 330 to 610 mm (XXL version) are possible. It can also be used to solder server boards for 5G communication.

Ersa solder module POWERFLOW ULTRA

New Soldering Module for the POWERFLOW ULTRA

At the heart of the POWERFLOW ULTRA is the new soldering module with unique process control and flexibility. Its innovative drive achieves travel speeds of up to 5 mm/s. The distance between the soldering nozzle and the PCB is defined via the ERSASOFT 5 operating software. This allows assemblies to be soldered at a precise distance. The nozzle distance and solder wave height can also be adjusted as required within an assembly.

For this purpose, the PCB is divided into sectors under program control, which are stored with parameters. This means that each sector can be soldered with individual configurations, ensuring highly flexible processes. In addition, the contact time of the solder wave with the assembly can be stored in the soldering program. This offers maximum process control when moving the assembly into and out of the solder wave. In combination with the nozzle spacing, an optimum solder flow is achieved, resulting in perfect solder joints - especially for assemblies that are equipped with a high proportion of digital components in addition to power electronics.

High-end technology: POWERFLOW ULTRA XXL full-tunnel wave soldering system

Tech-Highlights ULTRA XXL

High-end full-tunnel nitrogen wave soldering system for working widths up to 610 and 850 mm board length

  • Highest flexibility, highest throughput and highest availability
  • Modular, flexible and individually expandable preheating concept variably configurable in length and power
  • Award-winning database-based operating software ERSASOFT 5 > Ready for Industry 4.0
  • Specially configured for 5G telecom applicationsn

More about POWERFLOW technology

Technical data
Ersa Full Tunnel Wave Soldering Machine POWERFLOW ULTRA XXL


  • Length of 6,450 mm
  • Width approx. 1,515 mm
  • Height approx. 1,630 mm

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