IoT Soldering Station

i-CON TRACE: The Missing Link

Finally, complete traceability in hand soldering. 100 years after the patent application of the first electric soldering iron by company founder Ernst Sachs, Ersa has reinvented hand soldering - for the digital age. The i-CON TRACE is the world´s first fully networkable soldering station. Thanks to integrated WLAN, Bluetooth and network card, it can be fully integrated into MES-controlled production processes, making the complete hand soldering process traceable and documentable.

Technology Highlights


100% Connectivity

With the i-CON TRACE, Ersa offers the first soldering station specifically for use in the digitally networked environment and seamless traceability in hand soldering. With integrated WLAN, Bluetooth and expandable network card, it offers unprecedented connectivity. The ERSA TRACE COCKPIT operating software is available free of charge as a download and is only installed once centrally on the customer´s server. As soon as a soldering station is integrated into the company network, all mobile devices in the company network can access and communicate with the soldering stations via web browser.

Among others, the server-based communication concept makes it much easier to manage individual soldering stations through connectivity: firmware updates, calibration intervals and much more can be carried out and monitored centrally from one computer.


Allow us to introduce i-CON TRACE. The best networked soldering station in the world.

Fully comprehensive MES connection


Complete process data documentation is a key feature of future electrical production. The i-CON TRACE closes the last gap in the hand soldering process and can be completely self-integrated into MES-controlled production processes. For example, a recording of the entire soldering task can already be downloaded via a desired file format and stored in a higher-level control system. In the future, even real-time communication between the soldering station and the customer´s MES will be possible.




Specific soldering tasks can be assigned centrally to each soldering station - via MES, PC or mobile device. All essential parameters such as the soldering tip to be used, temperature, solder wire and flux are preset centrally by qualified personnel. This significantly increases process reliability: Each workpiece is soldered according to the given specifications. The operator concentrates fully on soldering and the susceptibility to errors is reduced.

Green Means Go!

With only one on/off switch and three LEDs, the operating concept differs significantly from all other industrial stations with their complex setting options and displays. The work for the personnel at the soldering station is considerably simplified. The component, soldering tip, solder wire and flux used are recorded using a hand-held scanner. In this way, the system "knows" that all conditions for the assigned soldering task have been met.

The LED interface literally gives the user the green light as soon as the predefined temperature at the soldering tip is reached. An effective measure to ensure that each solder joint is soldered with the exact right temperature and material. Any malfunctions (e.g. defective heating element, incorrect soldering tip in relation to the component) are detected by the system and reported to the operator. If all parameters are correct, the soldering process is released. During soldering, the i-CON TRACE records the process data. This means that every soldering process is precisely documented and traceable.

Tip change in record time

Ersa offers a variety of different shapes and sizes of soldering tips for different soldering applications. Even for special applications, customized tip shapes are no problem. Tip´n´Turn is the patented concept for combining heating element and soldering tip, which enables tip change in record time.

Each tip has a bayonet lock which, together with the multifunctional storage stand, allows the soldering tip to be changed particularly quickly and safely. Simply place the soldering iron in one of the openings provided and turn it by approx. 10° - and you can remove the old soldering tip and apply a new, matching tip. This can be done by hand even without the deposit stand. Even when hot.

Overview of all soldering tips for i-CON TRACE

Economic-ecological gain

Via a mobile app for smartphones and tablets, the i-CON TRACE can be used like a conventional stand-alone soldering station even without being connected to a company network. The program for controlling the soldering station runs on the mobile device - relevant information such as set and actual temperature is displayed on a smart device via Bluetooth or WLAN and can also be changed there. This provides the user with smart operation tailored to his needs.