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Fully automatic THT component assembly


In the field of THT component assembly, we are paving the way to a fully automated future. Our THT component assemblers demonstrate their strengths both in the high-mix/low-volume sector and in complete project solutions.

Systems from a single source without interface losses!
Delivered ready for production with CE certification!

Would you also like to switch from manual assembly to fully automatic THT assembly?
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Automation from Kurtz Ersa

Technical Highlights:

  • Utilization of valuable worker capacity for demanding and less monotonous activities
  • Increase in production output due to high availability
  • Elimination of production fluctuations resulting from the manual assembly process
  • Integrated component control
  • Customized placement solutions can be realized
  • Feeding module concepts adapted to the respective task

Fully automatic THT component assembly from Kurtz Ersa

... specially designed for recurring placement tasks. The closed, safety-monitored robot cell enables extremely fast placement speeds with high precision, resulting in very short cycle times. Modern image processing systems check the components before assembly and ensure that faulty components are ejected.

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