Low Pressure Casting Technology

Pressure Control for Kurtz Low Pressure Casting Machines

Low Pressure Technology - Pressure Control from Kurtz

Optimal filling of the mold

The low pressure casting process is predestined for implementing the highest quality requirements. In this process, the furnace is pressurized, with the liquid aluminum entering the mold via the riser tube. The prerequisite for this is a controlled, uniform increase in pressure in order to achieve uniform filling of the mold.

Pressure control with proportional valve technology

Kurtz pressure control prevents pressure fluctuations that would otherwise cause the metal column to oscillate in the mold. This in turn leads to inclusions of rim flakes in workpieces, to the formation of cold runs and is thus synonymous with scrap. Furthermore, in closed molds, jumps when changing the rate of pressure rise during the filling process are usually not visible and thus unknown. The Kurtz low pressure control offers the solution here.

Visualization and control of the pressure rise curve
Visualization and control of the pressure rise curve

Pressure control with proportional valve technology provides smooth transitions at different rise speeds. It is precisely these different mold filling speeds that are required for optimum casting of components with different wall thicknesses. The influence of different pressures during mold filling is particularly evident in low pressure casting in open molds: In contrast to closed molds, which generate a counterpressure during mold filling due to different venting conditions, the metal level is open when casting in core packages and reacts to even the smallest changes in pressure. This significantly improves the quality of the casting process. The real-time visualization of all process parameters via LCD display, permanent process data recording and thus ISO-compliant reproducibility round off the conclusive overall concept.


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