Little or no downtime for CNC equipment – thanks to Ersa Rework!

The Allmendinger company keeps production plants running with fast repairs and spare parts deliveries

Component shortages are occupying and influencing the entire electronics industry. Large automotive manufacturers are worried about the supply of chips and entire production lines are producing at reduced output. But also other industries are cut in their productivity when components and controls for CNC machines fail or are missing. This is where the approach of a comprehensive service concept of the company Allmendinger Elektromechanik KG comes into play. Based in the Swabian town of Bad Überkingen – Hausen, Allmendinger began to develop a business model around CNC controls more than 25 years ago. In the meantime, the company can point to a broad, satisfied customer base ranging from small businesses to automobile manufacturers. Among other things, through the use of Ersa Rework Systems for component repair.

The Allmendinger team repairs electronic as well as mechanical components for CNC machines: “Usually, our customers only get in touch when there is already an acute defect,” Nadine and Daniel Allmendinger, second-generation Managing Directors, describe the typical service case. “Then it has to happen quickly. This is where our core competencies come into play. Cross-manufacturer repairs of all assemblies at a fixed price for Siemens, Indramat, Heidenhain, Fanuc and Bosch. On request, in direct exchange procedure and express shipping,” says Daniel Allmendinger. “Everything. Fast. Fair.” is accordingly the company´s credo. So it´s about more than the “right to repair” already introduced in March 2021 with the EU Ecodesign Directive. The primary goal is to minimize downtimes on high-quality production equipment – with over 25 years of experience and state-of-the-art measuring and production technology. Not only do we look very closely, but we even X-ray the components. Fault analysis and data backup take place with broad expertise and at the highest technical level. For example, for the Siemens Sinumerik family, Simatic panels and Heidenhain CNC controls. A 24/7 online store with direct access to over 40,000 different spare parts in a storage area of around 50,000 m² is an elementary component of the Allmendinger service. An Ersa HR 550 Rework System and Ersa soldering tools play a central role in the repair of board-level assemblies.

The range of repair services is as complex as the reasons for the repair: customer-specific components are not available in stock or even on the open market, especially due to the current component shortage, but have to be salvaged and reused. Likewise, component reuse is essential when dealing with older control systems for which components are no longer available. For example, if the solder connections on a Ball Grid Array (BGA) are oxidized or the entire component is defective, it is removed, cleaned as well as re-prepared, placed and then re-soldered. Component recycling in the best sense and with the highest demands on quality. Allmendinger backs up this quality claim with a full 25-month warranty.

Ensure gentle heating

When desoldering a component, care must be taken to ensure gentle heating. The component is automatically lifted off with a vacuum pipette as soon as the solder has melted. In particular, the limit temperature for many SMD components of 260 °C should be undercut as far as possible in order not to damage the component and to be able to reuse it without any problems. Homogeneous preheating/temperature adjustment of the assembly from below and targeted heat input from above as well as a sensor-guided process sequence guarantee consistent soldering results with the Ersa HR 550.

Ersa HR 550: Reliability and flexibility for electronics production

If the component has been desoldered, the residual solder on the board is first removed. This is done by working on the still warm circuit board with a soldering iron and a soldering tip optimized for this purpose. Residual solder is removed from the component in the same way. In order to be able to reuse desoldered ball grid arrays, they must be prepared. For this purpose, the component is provided with flux and new solder balls. The balls are then remelted in the rework system. The component is ready for its next use. Finally, to produce the function of an assembly, the recycled component is provided with flux or solder paste, positioned on the board and finally soldered in place with a solder profile.

At Allmendinger, they appreciate the reliability and flexibility of the Ersa HR 550. The system from the leading soldering technology manufacturer in Wertheim, Germany, impresses with its wide range of applications for virtually all components and assemblies that need to be repaired or retooled. The use of the device in repair services enables a fast response even for tricky tasks and ensures that the availability and productivity of customer equipment are maintained. The useful life of even older CNC equipment is extended by this service, making it an outstanding example of how sustainability can be put into practice.

Article Author

Ralf Walk Sales Engineer, Ersa GmbH

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