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Kurtz Ersa receives bronze in ESG Rating

Kreuzwertheim, 13.07.2022 | The Kurtz Ersa Group has developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy. This is part of the corporate strategy: global. ahead. sustainable. Numerous measures have been taken in recent years: The switch to green electricity has been made. The procurement of photovoltaic systems has been initiated, and installation of the systems will begin this year. The conversion to a lower CO2 vehicle fleet is progressing continuously. As a machine manufacturer, Kurtz Ersa has the greatest influence on climate protection when it comes to building sustainable machines. Most recently, the radio frequency technology was awarded the German Environmental Prize.


The ESG rating was the next step on the way to becoming a sustainable company. ESG stands for Environment, Social and Governance and measures the voluntary contribution of companies to sustainable development that goes beyond legal requirements. In the first ESG rating, the Kurtz Ersa Group achieved a bronze medal at the first attempt.

Kurtz Ersa received 48 out of 100 points in the overall evaluation of four topic areas. With 60 points, the rating in the "Environment" category was better than in the industry. This topic area evaluates, among other things, energy and water consumption, waste volume in the company and associated guidelines and documentation. Kurtz Ersa is also above average in "Labor and human rights". This category includes, for example, diversity in the workplace, frequency and severity of accidents, and the training offered. The greatest potential for improvement is in the areas of "Ethics" and "Sustainable Procurement". The ethics rating is in line with the industry average. In sustainable procurement, Kurtz Ersa is slightly above. Improvement is possible in these areas, for example by implementing guidelines and deriving key figures and suitable measures in the coming years. The rating was carried out by the EcoVadis rating agency, which has so far evaluated sustainability practices of 90,000 companies in 160 countries.

Thomas Mühleck, CFO of Kurtz Ersa: "We dared to carry out the ESG rating. With 48 points and the bronze medal, we are more than satisfied with the result, which we intend to build on in the future. Kurtz Ersa is a pioneer in sustainable corporate governance and is above average in some areas." "Through the rating, we know where we stand in comparison to other companies. The external benchmark and the many suggestions for improvement are very helpful for us. After all, the ESG rating is ambitious - it has to be carried out annually and the score continuously improved," adds Anna Hieble, Head of Corporate Quality Management.


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