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Kurtz Shape Moulding Machine PRO FOAMER

EPP maximal

Kurtz PRO FOAMER molding machines represent the ultimate in molding production. They are used in the high-end processing of EPP and EPS. Combined with powerful Kurtz technology, the PRO FOAMER meets the highest demands and ensures quality, maximum productivity and energy efficiency in production.

PRO FOAMER - All-rounder for EPS/EPP processing

  • EPS/EPP processing up to 5 bar
  • Interchangeable steam chambers for easy format adjustment
  • Can be combined with Kurtz standard handling systems or robotic solutions

Advantages expanded polypropylene

  • High energy absorption
  • High structural strength with low weight
  • Very good thermal insulation
  • Very good acoustic insulation
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Fully recyclable

More Features PRO FOAMER


  • Mould change with guiding rolls
  • Working platform for mould change
  • Hinged ejector plate
  • Volumetric water dosing system with pressure increase
  • Oil cooler
  • Mould temperature and foam pressure measuring
  • Dual density function
  • Remote-start function
  • Mould change hoist manuel/electrical
  • Regrind mixing station
  • Air connection for high and low-pressure
  • Filling injectors with i-CAP
  • Central vacuum system

PRO FOAMER in video

The PRO FOAMER is the moulding machine for high-end processing of EPP and EPS - with its "4.0 READY" approach, it ensures quality, maximum productivity, energy efficiency and maximum freedom in production.


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