Shape Moulding Machines


Homogeneously closed and textured molding surfaces

The THERMO SELECT process of the Kurtz THERMO FOAMER offers, on the basis of variothermal mould tempering with minimal steam consumption, a process for the production of highly sophisticated particle foam moulded parts with regard to structured and textured surface quality without visible bead structure for applications in the visible range.

Add-on: Thermo Coating / IMPFC In-Mould-Particle-Foam Coating

Combined with THERMO COATING, closed, smooth, textured and thus injection molding-like surfaces are created for particle foam components.

Mono-Material-System - Particle Foam with injection moulding surface

The Kurtz THERMO FOAMER is the solution for a moulded part production of material bonded composite parts such as EPP/PP with high demands on surface structure and dimensional accuracy.

Technical Details


  • Roboter systems for insert and removal of mouldings
  • Quality test station, e.g. weight or optical measurement
  • Bar code allocation
  • Conveying systems connecting to packaging line

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