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Steamless Foaming -
Smart Fusion

With the revolutionary RF technology, welding particle foams without steam becomes a reality! A complex media installation - in the form of a steam generation system or cooling tower installation with water basin - is no longer required. With the WAVE FOAMER, high-temperature resistant particle foams with welding temperatures up to 250 °C can be processed. In addition, a recycling rate of up to 100% is already achievable with EPS. Now achieve perfect core welding with the revolutionary Kurtz RF technology using electromagnetic waves - and save up to 90% energy costs (for EPS)!

Highlights Kurtz WAVE FOAMER

  • Very high energy saving
  • Perfect core welding
  • For new particle foams with high temperature resistance
  • Ideal for high densities, e.g. EPS with over 200 g/l
  • No complex media installation
  • Production of moulded parts with high recycled content

Advantages expanded polypropylene

  • High energy absorption
  • High structural strength with low weight
  • Very good thermal insulation
  • Very good acoustic insulation
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Fully recyclable

More Features


  • Robot systems for the insertion and removal of moulded parts
  • Quality inspection station e.g. weight determination or optical measurement
  • Barcode allocation
  • Conveyor systems for connection to packaging lines

WAVE FOAMER in video

The innovative RF technology of Kurtz Particle Foam Machines takes particle foam processing to a new technical level! Kurtz has developed an energy efficient, steamless processing method that recycles more recycled material than ever before and even high temperature resistant material!

Kurtz wins IKU Award

Kurtz GmbH & Co. KG is the winner of the IKU 2022 in the category "Environmentally Friendly Technologies" - a great honor to receive the prestigious award from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection. Take a look at the award-winning video about "Resource-saving molded part production from bio and recycled materials using radio frequency"!


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